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About Me

Hello, and thank you for being here!

I am a freelance web developer with background in business management, and law. I currently live in Lisbon, Portugal, but I don't feel tied to any particular time zone.

I enjoy working closely with clients to help clearly articulate their vision and help small businesses get started on the internet. I am comfortable with taking an idea, and through analyses and planning, come up with a design and functionality proposal. I develop professional and clean web applications tailored to each client's individual and brand needs.

I am pretty handy with Ruby on Rails, vanilla javascript, React and fluent in HTML5, CSS, and responsive web design. Additionally, I can provide my clients with full web strategy consultancy, including SEO and social media plan.

On a personal note, I am a curious and passionate person. When I am not working on projects, I like to spend my free time learning new things about nature, science, history, and cultures. To that end, I am obsessed with traveling and experiencing the world at large and sharing these moments with my dear husband and our sweet cat Anubis.


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These are the services which I can offer you, your company and your brand!

Website Design

Smart back-end and an attractive front-end websites, which I will perfectly align to business goals and users needs.

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Web Strategy Consultancy

By building only what you need, I can affordably create web applications that will speed up your business operations.

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Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy should be defined as the experience and emotional response your consumers have with your company across each point of contact.

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Recent Projects

Learning how to code has not only given me the ability to work on professional projects, but all the freedom to express myself using this new and wonderful medium. I love to learn new and different technologies and use them to create personal projects.

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These are technologies I have worked with so far.

My approach to learning a new programming language, is similar to mastering a spoken language. You could know a thousand words, but if you don't make intelligent use of its structure and syntax, you won't be able to build a cohesive sentence. Same with lines of code. In my view, coding should be simple and tell a clear narrative, that you and your audience could follow without strain.

Ruby on Rails


Javascript/ ES6


CSS 3 / Sass

SQL Databases

Git & Github


Unit Testing



English Portuguese Spanish

Say Hello!

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Thank you for visiting my portfolio. For any further enquiries about my work, please feel free to send me an email at amanda@ciobanu.org.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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